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Describe your style?

My style is cinematic and discreet. I love capturing stories. I think an overly posed or forced approach can interfere with this. If you are an extroverted couple who love to party and play I want to see you in full motion enjoying every second of your big day. But if you're an introverted couple I equally want to capture your quieter, intimate moments and interactions. No couple are the same and I feel like our films and photographs should reflect this. Every story is unique and that is what I'm passionate about.

What is the turn around time?

Typically eight to ten weeks. The films I create aren't a boxed product, every detail is combed over and the whole process is bespoke. You will walk away with a physical USB with your films on as well as online downloadable links.

How far do you travel?

Nationally, Internationally, Globally. Anywhere I'm wanted I'll go. I love visiting venues that I know inside and out. I also love the adventure of a brand new spot that I have never seen before.


Destination weddings and elopements are no issue, however please contact me with the details as pricing can vary depending on your travel destination.

What happens if another world event happens?

Probably something none of us want to think about. But something we all need to have a plan B for. I use the Covid pandemic as a blueprint for how I would deal with any other world events, or a pandemic resurgence.


Essentially, communication is key. I was able to fulfil every single double booking and re-booking that happened as a results of the covid-19 pandemic. This was thanks to my team, consisting of Myself, Jamie Flood Photography, Alex and Stein. The pandemic forced us to pull together a really strong and reliable team. 

This means if anything happens globally or even personally that means I can't attend or the event can't go ahead I have a team in place to fulfil the booking, working with duplicate equipment and to my standard and style. 

Why do you do this?

Visuals of any kind are genuinely my passion and to have a Business that funds your passion is pretty special. I'm also a big fan of people, seeing other people happy brings me joy and fulfilment. Being able to capture that and give it back to couples is so unique, I haven't found that anywhere else.


The feeling of finishing a wedding, ears ringing, legs aching and ready for bed, but knowing that on them cameras you have shots that people are going to love forever is a fulfilment you can't buy.


Then pulling it all together, watching the story come to life, tweaking the colours and sounds to recreate the narrative and presenting that to the excited couple, unreal!

Why aren't your prices on your website?

The wedding budget is the one thing I can't control. I only really want to work with couples who are invested in me, as much as I'm invested in them. Being chosen on price alone doesn't usually mean, you are in love with my work and style.


Before you get in touch I want you to really look through my portfolio and know what I'm all about, know that we are a good match and that you want to work with me for the right reasons :)

I think we are a great fit, are you available?

Head over to the contact page and I'll find out straight away.