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Invest In Your Vision



I was always fascinated by cameras and films, as a kid my favourite thing to do was to watch films with my family, something I still love to this day. I saved up to buy my first camera at ten years old and never looked back. 

I have worked relentlessly to build the PS Visuals brand from the ground up and have built a strong network of happy couples and talented peers. As well as featuring in Vogue, Tatler and Vanity Fair along the way.


Every comment and kind word I receive after delivering films reminds me exactly why I do what I do, and I love it!​ 

My Approach is discrete, with an editorial style. It's all about capturing the moment as it happens, without interfering too much. My goal is to capture the day as authentically as possible. Whilst creating opportunities for fun and laughter along the way. ​​




Describe your style? My style is cinematic and my approach is discreet. I always focus on the story behind everything I'm shooting.

What is your turn around time? Typically eight to twelve weeks. The films I create aren't a boxed product, every detail is combed over and the whole process is bespoke.

How far do you travelNationally, Internationally, Globally. Anywhere I'm wanted I'll go. I love visiting venues that I know inside and out. I also love the adventure of a brand new spot that I have never seen before. I love destination weddings and elopements, but please contact me with the details, as pricing can vary depending on your travel destination.

What is your why? 

Visuals of any kind are genuinely my passion and to have a Business that funds your passion is pretty special. I'm also a big fan of people, seeing other people happy makes me happy. Being able to capture that energy and give it back to couples is so unique, I haven't found that anywhere else. 


The feeling of finishing a wedding, ears ringing, legs aching and ready for bed, but knowing that on them cameras you have shots that people are going to love forever is a fulfilment you can't buy.


Then pulling it all together, watching the story come to life, tweaking the colours and sounds to recreate the narrative and presenting that to the excited couple, unreal!

I think we are a great fit, are you available? Fill in this ENQUIRY FORM and find out.

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